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Lexicon RT20 (RT-20) Audiophile-Quality Disc Player

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We find the most interesting Cd Disc Players For Sale. Here are the best deals we found for Lexicon RT20 (RT-20) Audiophile-Quality Disc Player for sale on the Internet.

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Lexicon RT20 (RT-20) Audiophile-Quality Disc Player Picture(s) and Description:

 59472205668041680 Lexicon RT20 (RT 20) Audiophile Quality Disc Player

We’re Natural Sound, located in Framingham, Massachusetts. We've been in business since the 1970s and are a major high-end dealer. We have all the current top brands on display. This unit is a demo RT20 we had in the store. It has had VERY little use; we have lots of players on display, so each one gets used only once in a while. We have an original RT20 box, the remote (in fantastic shape), the power cord, and manual. The box is actually a double-box-within-a-box and looks like it just left the factory. Both the manual and remote appear to have never been taken out of their original bags. I cannot imagine any RT20 that could possibly look better than this one. The RT20 replaced the RT10 and was a significant improvement, especially in terms of the audio output section. It also has an HDMI output. All the audio jacks are high-quality connectors attached to a large grounding bar inside the chassis. Adjacent to each jack is the corresponding output amplifier for that channel for minimum noise and crosstalk. These output amplifiers have very low output impedance. This allows the use of long cables or use in electrically noisy environments with minimum interference. It also makes the choice of cable dramatically less critical. The RT10 did not have these important features. Most audiophiles don’t realize what THE greatest contribution to the advancement of 2-Channel sound in disc players has been has been in the last year. It’s Blue-Ray! Hear me out… We’ve all seen cheaply-made harsh-sounding CD players at low prices. These incorporate poorly engineered audio sections and inexpensive switching power supplies that inject lots of high-frequency noise into the audio circuits. Then there are quality CD players, usually priced at $1500 and up. These use full-floating laser mechanisms, low-noise power supplies, and quality audio circuits. The same goes for Audio/Video (DVD/CD) players. The only difference is that decent quality video circuits add $500 to the price. That means that state of the art A/V players cost $2000 and up (like this ultra-high-end $4999 Lexicon). These better players use separate power supply regulators for their audio and their video circuits so there is no interference. They can also usually play multi-channel SACD and DVD-Audio discs, a nice bonus you might want some day. The laser assemblies in these A/V players are also often of higher precision; they need to be to play the more finely-pitched video tracks. This often translates into better ability to play older, scratched CDs. So where am I going with this? As soon as Blu-Ray hit, sales of NON-Blu-Ray compatible DVD players died. Dealers couldn’t sell them; even high-quality players that sound fantastic like this one. Their problem is your opportunity! This player has been in stock for a while. It offers GREAT sound quality and great non-Blu-Ray video too, though you probably won’t care about that. It's state-of-the-art for playing CD, SACD and DVD-AUDIO multichannel discs. It has the decoders built in, to make upgrading to multi-channel sound easy. The star attraction of this player is its audio quality. If you are looking for a CD player to give you a finely etched sound with great crispness and brightness, look elsewhere. This player has a smoothness and “listenability” that is fantastic. In particular, Jazz and Classical music become very “analog-like” in their sound. The Bass response is amazingly full and deep. It is not that it lacks highs. It’s just that there is no excess “brightness” to the sound. Just lots of detail and, above all, a natural musicality . When I popped the lid and looked inside (don’t worry…I’m a tech) I could see great attention paid to construction and engineering in the audio section. The power supply has multiple levels of regulation. The digital and analog circuits are set up to not interfere with each other. This is all typical for players in the $3000+ range. As I said, this player carried a list price of $4999. Some of that is due to the incorporation of video circuits, I’m sure. If this were an audio-only player, it probably would have been priced at more like $3000-$3800. I mention this because… 1) since it does not play Blu-Ray, its new owner will probably use it as an audio-only player. 2) we need to establish what it’s worth just for its sound. After much thought, I decided that there was no audio-only player in the store for under $2000 that sounded any better, looked this nice, was built this well, or would probably last as long (this player feels like a brick and is VERY solid). This was, though, a demo, and will be sold as USED, since that’s the only way Lexicon allows selling on EBAY. So what should I do? With all this in mind, I have set the RESERVE at a super-low $899.00. I fully expect and hope that it will fetch quite a bit more than that. A bidding war would be nice! I can unhesitatingly make this statement: There is no way you can go into any store and buy any CD-only player for that price that sounds this good. Period. So you can thank Blu-Ray, of all crazy things, for putting true high-end CD sound within reach for audiophiles on a budget. THINGS TO KNOW: We will NOT ship this overseas. This should go to someone in the US or Canada. At this low a price I do not want to deal with shipping documents, etc. It’s US or Canada only, and Paypal ONLY. I have tested the audio section (it sounds, as I said, superb). The video section worked perfectly last month for the store. I’m sure it’s fine, and I doubt anyone cares, anyway! This model comes with one of the most comprehensive owner's manuals I’ve ever seen…it's well over 100 pages! It’s not that the player is hard to use…it’s just that every conceivable question is addressed. It will be shipped in its original RT20 box-within-a-box with the power cord, manual, and remote. This baby is complete! VISUAL CONDITION: SUPERB with no significant visual flaws that I can find anywhere on the machine. Please read our feedback. We deliver what we promise. This item is considered USED with no warranty, refunds, or exchanges. We accept PAYPAL ONLY. We ship to the US and Canada ONLY. WE WILL NOT SHIP THIS UNIT OVERSEAS. We ship by UPS. Feel free to use the shipping calculator. Insurance is INCLUDED in the shipping cost. The above words are the property of KZ Consulting and are NOT to be copied. On Mar-08-10 at 17:05:07 PST, seller added the following information: F.Y.I. We have a SPECTACULAR deal on an MC12B Lexicon Home Theater Processor on Ebay right now. Look for the red apple!

 59472205668041681 Lexicon RT20 (RT 20) Audiophile Quality Disc Player
 59472205668041682 Lexicon RT20 (RT 20) Audiophile Quality Disc Player
 59472205668041683 Lexicon RT20 (RT 20) Audiophile Quality Disc Player

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